Unprogrammable Me

I began writing The Good Kill in July of 2017 and worked on it just about every day in some capacity until March 31 when I completed the manuscript at last and in a rush rushed right out to the UPS Store (I am not sponsored by or own stock in the UPS Store, it’s just that it’s like twenty minutes closer than Staples, of which I am not sponsored by or own stock in) to get three copies of the masterly work of art (as regarded solely by yours truly at this point) printed out in a rush and then rushed two of them out to my editors who are AKA my worldly-wise and well-read and spirited sister and her dashing husband – yeah, dashing as in he’s pretty studly, but mostly dashing as in he’s continually dashing off after my worldly-wise and well-read and spirited sister as she leads them on yet another global adventure — and then rushed right back home where I sat and admired and stroked lovingly for hours and hours the third copy of the manuscript.

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So, I was just strolling around LinkedIn and I happened upon this clickbait of a headline:

3 Things Saturday Night Live Can Teach Us About Business

And my first thought was:

How absurd…

And my second thought was:

People will say or do just about anything to be noticed…

And my third thought was:

I bet I can do better than that…

And my fourth thought was:

The headline for this post…


I now present to you…

First, we had the birth of the “Writer in Profile” emoticon

/_(‘ )

and now we have the birth of…

The “Reader in Profile” emoticon

\ (‘ )

Alternative renditions are…

/_{‘ )

\ {‘ )

I authorize the use of these literary emoticons for your literary status updates…but only if they are literally being earned.




You know, chances are pretty good that…

I am frantically doing a frantic Update Edit right now in real time as you read this to frantically correct the mistake that I swear to the Almighty Universal Power Often Referred To In English, At Least In Many Of The Western “First World” Countries, As God wasn’t there when I pressed Publish just one second ago…