So Many Weird Grammar Moods Give Me the Blues

Weird moods such as… 1 Realis moods 1.1 Indicative 2 Irrealis moods 2.1 Subjunctive 2.2 Conditional 2.3 Optative 2.4 Imperative 2.5 Jussive 2.6 Potential 2.7 Hypothetical 2.8 Inferential 2.9 Interrogative 2.10 Deontic Mood vs. Epistemic Mood As do weird modern remakes of classic Moody Blues mood music… #newisnotalwaysbetter  

A History of A*

According to the ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONARY**, the etymological “definition” of the indefinite article “a” is:

a form of an used before consonants, mid-12c., a weakened form of Old English an “one” (see an). The disappearance of the -n- before consonants was mostly complete by mid-14c. After c. 1600 the -n- also began to vanish before words beginning with a sounded -h-; it still is retained by many writers before unaccented syllables in h- or (e)u- but is now no longer normally spoken as such. The -n- also lingered (especially in southern England dialect) before -w- and -y- through 15c.

It also is used before nouns of singular number and a few plural nouns when few or great many is interposed.

For reasons unclear, I wondered all of a sudden how that much overworked and under-appreciated word “a” came about…

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In Honor of the Far Too Many Legendary Rockers We Lost This Year…

…many of whom came to us from that Rock Empire across the pond affectionately known as Britain, I celebrate this Holiday* Season Weekend with a contemporary British rock band called BRING ME THE HORIZON. Finding their fame as a screamo band, with the screamo genre being a derivative of the once popular emo genre, BMTH … Read more

I and Me Confusing You and Yours

Still confused about the whole “me” or “I” thing, I see. Listen, just slapping “I” in every sentence where there is a need for a pronoun for you isn’t going to make you seem smarter, my friend. It will make you seem just the opposite to those who know the rules… So what is the … Read more

MY VIEW – A Women’s Issues Feature

When DotedOn submitted her essay My View to the Relating to Humans Women’s Issues feature, I could immediately feel its power and its truth, and the life lived as written, raw and exposed. When submitted, DotedOn initially addressed it to me. I wrote to her soon after and asked if I could take out the … Read more

English is for Everyone

Within that old stash, I also found many of my old English lessons, and old worksheets, and old handouts. They all bring back fond and funny and fortunate memories. I miss all my — I hesitate to call them students because it seemed as if I ended up learning more from them than they did from me, so I’ll simply say, I miss all my friends from that period of my life.

There’s something I really need to tell you…

But, in all honesty… I’m a little scared… I am afraid that when I tell you about that which lays so heavily on my heart… You will immediately lose all respect for me… And end our friendship… But it’s really something I have to do… Something I have been yearning to do for some time … Read more