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My Subjunctive Mood Always Brings Me Down

If I was were a less sensitive grammarian, then I would care less whether my grammar were was more or less correct. However, if it was were true that I were was a less sensitive grammarian, would it then mean that I were was a less caring person?

13 thoughts on “My Subjunctive Mood Always Brings Me Down

  1. “Were” is the subjunctive in AMERICAN English, but “was” is the correct subjunctive in BRITISH English. At least in non-present. Present-subjunctive in both languages is ‘be.’

  2. *languages

  3. Yes, kylesoi,
    Our crazy English languages… Still, I wonder if those who are more sensitive to grammar standards are typically more sensitive people in general…or, are they/we/me just annoying anachronistic nitpicks? 🙂

    1. I’d rather be an annoying, anachronistic nitpicker!

  4. If I were to speak using the subjunctive mood in England, I would still be using “were.”

  5. Cq Ray,
    No way I’m getting in the middle of what’s what regarding correct English English. I have a hard enough time getting my “American” right. :/

  6. When it comes to writing, I prefer people who write like they talk. No matter how bad they grammar is. But I also believe that being sensitive is a great quality. Way to be, grammar nazi. You’re alright with me.

    1. You remind me of my hippie college poetry professor. Thanks for stopping by. I hope the whole anti-grammar thing works out well for you.

  7. well, outside of subjunctivity – did you mean to say, that you could not care less or did you really mean it, that you would indeed, care less? If you were a less sensitive grammarian, then you probably couldn’t care less. But if you were more sensitive, then you probably would care more, not less. I’m so confused…

    1. exactly…which is why it brings me down

  8. I am not the grammar police, but I appreciate anyone who knows how it should be written. They can deliberately break the rules if they know they are.

    1. yeah, doesn’t it seem like it’s always like that, Beth – those in the know, know when it’s okay to so no to the convention they know so well…

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