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Say what you will…

Be it be an exploration of loneliness or light or whatever, but ”Nighthawks,” to me, is the most colorful expression of the beautiful bleakness of noir that I know…

From Those who say Edward Hopper is the artist of social distancing may be wrong:

But while some Hopper experts appreciate the wave of [social media] interest in the American painter, who died in 1967, they say it’s a mistake to brand him as a patron saint of loneliness and social isolation.”

Washington Post April 27, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. EDT
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4 thoughts on “Say what you will…

  1. I love this painting. Good friends of mine have a print of it hanging above their fireplace. No visiting them at the moment.

    1. Your good friends have good taste, as do you in both your choice of friends and love for art.

  2. A while back I went to an exhibition of Hoppers’ paintings at Tate Modern, London and I was hooked.

    1. It kind of baffles me because on the surface his work at a casual glance almost seems amateurish or even cartoonish to me. But on closer observation they do, like you say, hook me big time. Art’s funny like that…

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