Cancer isn’t pink…and neither is football

Cancer isn't pink

17 thoughts on “Cancer isn’t pink…and neither is football”

  1. Nope. The actual color for universal cancer is purple 🙂 As a survivor, I am sick unto death of the pinkwashing that is October! Nobody even knows/wants to know that October is also liver cancer awareness month, huh?
    Good luck, and hang in there. Healing vibes your way.

    • Seriously…my pink protest has only just begun.

      And thank you for the healing vibes. Definitely hanging in there. Doing quite well actually.

      The picture in the post was from earlier in the year when my heart took a hit from the cancer drug I take as a prophylactic.

      Thanks for stopping by, wifemothersurvivor.

      Be well.

  2. I don’t know what to say kurt.I am from south india and if you ask me can god heal everyone the answer is yes but is he doing that-No.why?I really don’t know.i will pray.
    Now i can really see why you liked my old age home haiku.Thanks and god bless 🙂

  3. Finally had time to check your blog out today. Thank you for following mine. I dig your attitude (thankfulness combined with defiance – a winning combination if there ever was one!). Just had my one-year check up from head-and-neck cancer treatment (chemo and radiation). All clear and all is well. But as you know, the battle is just that, a battle. Loved what you said about your kids in your About section. I feel the same about mine. What a wonder life is that from us can come such beings that are far superior in every way (must be the wives).

    I’ve been searching for a better term than “cancer survivor”. Victor seems a bit presumptuous, but “survivor” paints it as a closer call than I care to believe it actually was. Any thoughts?


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