My Subjunctive Mood Always Brings Me Down

If I was were a less sensitive grammarian, then I would care less whether my grammar were was more or less correct. However, if it was were true that I were was a less sensitive grammarian, would it then mean that I were was a less caring person?


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13 Responses to My Subjunctive Mood Always Brings Me Down

  1. kylesoi says:

    “Were” is the subjunctive in AMERICAN English, but “was” is the correct subjunctive in BRITISH English. At least in non-present. Present-subjunctive in both languages is ‘be.’

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  2. kylesoi says:



  3. Kurt says:

    Yes, kylesoi,
    Our crazy English languages… Still, I wonder if those who are more sensitive to grammar standards are typically more sensitive people in general…or, are they/we/me just annoying anachronistic nitpicks? :)

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  4. Cq Ray says:

    If I were to speak using the subjunctive mood in England, I would still be using “were.”

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  5. Kurt says:

    Cq Ray,
    No way I’m getting in the middle of what’s what regarding correct English English. I have a hard enough time getting my “American” right. :/


  6. Ese Beek says:

    When it comes to writing, I prefer people who write like they talk. No matter how bad they grammar is. But I also believe that being sensitive is a great quality. Way to be, grammar nazi. You’re alright with me.

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  7. auntynini says:

    well, outside of subjunctivity – did you mean to say, that you could not care less or did you really mean it, that you would indeed, care less? If you were a less sensitive grammarian, then you probably couldn’t care less. But if you were more sensitive, then you probably would care more, not less. I’m so confused…

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  8. Beth says:

    I am not the grammar police, but I appreciate anyone who knows how it should be written. They can deliberately break the rules if they know they are.

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