So here’s my conundrum… update #2

So, as I discussed at length in the first post in this series, I had vowed to never vote for a family member of any former president.

However, with John Kasich dropping out of the Republican Primary race (to hell), I no longer have any choice but to vote for the Democratic nominee, who, of course, will be Hillary Clinton.

For I will never, ever vote for the Donald Trump de Drumpf.

I saw a report the other day showing that 30% of Bernie Sanders supporters vowed they will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

I assume them to mean, then, that if Clinton wins the nomination, they will not vote at all in the general election because my mind simply cannot comprehend someone who is such an avid supporter of Socialist Sanders voting for the Orange Megalomaniacal Menace.

But make no mistake about it, not voting in the general election is essentially voting for Trump.

So, even if you are as disappointed as I am in that Trump and Clinton are the best my country can offer up for presidential candidates, I passionately urge you to plug your nose, close your eyes, wipe your tears and vote for Clinton by all means.

You will only feel dirty for at least the four years she is president.

It is better to feel compromised than to be culpable for completely destroying our country (a destruction begun with Dubya) with a Trump presidency.

I really believe that if Trump becomes president my country will become forever alien to its historic ideals.

Speaking of Dubya, I would say I am proud of him for announcing he will not support Trump.

However, as badly and distasteful as Trump was toward both his presidency and his brother’s candidacy, he had no choice but to not support him.


What a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, America…