Drugs, Death, and Rock & Roll

  Did not know Wayne Static had died in 2014. What a frikkin' bummer. I'm a fan of Industrial Music -- Rock, Metal, Electronic -- with Nine Inch Nails being my typical band of choice whenever I'm jonesing for a deep, dark, dystopic fix. But whenever I was in need for an adrenaline fix, Wayne … Continue reading Drugs, Death, and Rock & Roll


Caffeine Therapy

I was a late bloomer as a coffee drinker. Though I always loved its smell growing up---I still have vivid, fond memories of the bubbly coffee percolator sounds and the delicious coffee smells that I woke to every morning as a child---I found its taste repulsive and the heated spoiled crap breath that all coffee drinkers blast out even more so. I didn't want to be complicit in that.