Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Last year it was announced that the US Treasury Department was planning to remodel the ten-dollar bill by replacing its current male model, Alexander Hamilton, with a female model. That was before the Broadway musical “Hamilton” became a huge success… and the play’s creator and star and Presidential First Rapper, Lin-Manuel Miranda, had subsequently become … Read more

THE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issues Feature

THE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES         by Manivillie Kanagasabapathy ** TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse ** Deep Brown eyes stare back at me, Fleeting whispers floating between us, Shadows creep silently, Across broad brown shoulders, The darkness melding within the chocolate hues, Lengthening to point accusingly, At the faded bruise That still held faint … Read more

I CAN’T PICTURE YOU WITH A KID | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issues Feature

I CAN’T PICTURE YOU WITH A KID by asyarhein FROM THE WOMEN’S ISSUES ARCHIVE   “I can’t picture you with a kid.” “Neither can I.” I’m too spontaneous. My passion for writing and journalism was constantly competing with my passion for buffalo wings, rum and Steve Madden; there is no room for a kid in … Read more

WOMEN ISSUES…OR ISSUES THAT SURROUNDS A WOMAN | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issues Feature

WOMEN ISSUES…OR ISSUES THAT SURROUNDS A WOMAN by kalabalu FROM THE WOMEN’S ISSUES ARCHIVE Every morning , almost all dailies have a report on women abuse. Mostly domestic violence , dowry issues and early marriage. Each day , I read the story remains same but victims change. The culprit is seldom caught and rarely punished. … Read more

HEY WHAT ABOUT ME?! | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issue

HEY WHAT ABOUT ME?! Exploring the Mind of a Man Who Didn’t Give Me His Card by pixie FROM THE WOMEN’S ISSUES ARCHIVE   I recently went to a conference with my fiancé – one of those social affairs where everyone is given a name tag and you’re expected to mix and mingle with the … Read more

MARY OF THE SUN | A Relating to Humans Women’s Issues Feature

by jonna ellis holston


From Lowell , Massachusetts

My Aunt Mary wrote for The Lowell Sun for seventy-six years. She started while still a high school girl… under pen names… looong before women commonly reported for newspapers. She and my Uncle Charles G Sampas, a mild mannered executive news editor from a great historic city’s newspaper, were my God Parents. Often glued to Mary’s side, I recall The Sun as a chaotic place full of screaming, sweaty reporters desperate to read the ribbons spewed forth from the wire services. I still smell the ink and burnt coffee, and hear the deafening noise of the printing machines. “It’s a lot of work to bring news to the people,” she told me.

And remember those phones that had wires attached to walls? Mary Sampas was attached to one of those… always tucked under an ear, scribbling notes and trading in gossip and fact as she covered the glamorous stars of old Hollywood, Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, David Niven, many others. Mary and Charlie even accompanied the Kennedys on their Paris trip with Charles de Gaulle and then off to Vienna for the Khrushchev talks. Even Jackie called on Mary for the inside scoop.

She slept late… till the calls began… then the typing would start. Evenings were usually spent socializing with those who were known to be in the know. Hers was a world of endless working parties with artists, writers or prominent Democrats. With non-stop, indefatigable charm and the brain of a word processor she would pursue secrets, discover, verify. What was show and what remained hidden in the backroom smoke?

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THE WOMAN IN ME | A Relating to Humans Woman’s Issues Feature

THE WOMAN IN ME by Debolina Coomar When I was a daughter, I had dreams, I learnt that life is not easy, and nothing is what it seems. When I became a student, I had aspirations, I learnt that achievements are important, and learnings are an inspiration. When I became a professional, I had goals, … Read more