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Eddie Money’s Music will Forever be 💲💲💲, yo


My very first concert, the July 19, 1980, World Series of Rock at the Cleveland Stadium, also happened to be the very best and most memorable concert I’ve ever attended.

That day was one massive mess of merriment and music…

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In Eternal Hope and Pursuit of Gridiron Glory

As an Ohio boy at heart and forever a fan of Cleveland sports teams, I’ve been conditioned by a lifetime of game day let downs, defeats, and disappointments to annually at the end of each football season take comfort in the old saw of a saying…

Well, there’s always next year.

But guess what sports fans, this just may be the next year every long disappointed yet always devoted Cleveland Browns fan has been hoping for.

There’s an energy around this year’s team that hasn’t been felt since Bernie Kosar and the Kardiac Kids days before him…

Yeah, it’s been that long.

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This is how music is done…

Hey what’s up?!

We’re going to be promoting our first Reward Package on Friday. If you would like to help me help you then please consider donating to help me make a movie and I will help you promote your book or other project. Huh?


So… I’m not going to be posting much for the next few months so please submit your work to one of the Relating to Humans features so I can post it to the blog in stead of my rambles and blather.

Can ya dig?

Anyway, here is some music that will make your toes tap and ears wiggle.

I guarantee it.


Oh yeah…