Eddie Money’s Music will Forever be πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’², yo


My very first concert, the July 19, 1980, World Series of Rock at the Cleveland Stadium, also happened to be the very best and most memorable concert I’ve ever attended.

That day was one massive mess of merriment and music…

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Sunday Songs to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance

On the road to Ohio to visit the fam. and jammin’ to songs off of Willis’ Soundcloud stream. This song is an especially groovy road song.

MOOD:   (o|o)

If you haven’t noticed, Willis has the same last name as yours truly.

Yes, he is my son, thank you for asking.

That’s right… you must now pay special attention to the song.



If you are a music lover, and I’m sure that you are, you really need to check out Symphoniacs.

Colin Stokes, one of the cellists with this amazing group of international virtuosos, is a family friend who graduated from the Baltimore School of Arts with my daughter (the same school Tupac and Jada Pinkett-Smith attended back in the day) and tutored my youngest son a bit on the cello.

You can hear some of my son’s cello work with his and his older brother’s band AELIOS.

Vaughan Brindley (drums/cello), Willis Brindley (vocals/guitar), and Colin Bates (vocals/bass)




When I grow up all I want to be is a Rock-and-Roll Star…

But seeing that I have absolute zero musical ability, I will gladly settle on being one vicariously through my incredibly talented sons…

So, other than what’s on my About page, I don’t write much about my family here.

But some of you may remember that a few years ago my sons Willis and Vaughan signed a record deal and moved down to Atlanta to set their musical careers in motion. Well, while that endeavor didn’t work out as everyone had hoped, it did work out in such a way that from this experience they both learned much about music and its industry and they grew even more as individuals and as musicians.

They brought this new knowledge and artistic maturity back up North with them and, after much meditation and introspection – and brainstorming by the campfire – they established their own record label and formed a new band with new members and committed themselves completely to independently creating music that is both unique to today’s sound and reflective of the sounds past that have influenced them most.

After plotting out their new course, they first built their own music studio and then immediately set out on the long and challenging path of writing and recording their own songs.

Now, nearly a year-and-a-half after beginning their new, exciting, and sometimes difficult journey, they, along with their friends Colin Bates (you may remember from my VBLOG that Colin and I are working together on my film), Adam Ali, and Tom Shelley, have released their debut album Refining Chaos under the band name of AELIOS.

I encourage you to please visit with them at their website, take a listen to their music, and, if you like what you hear – and I’m quite certain you will – consider downloading the album at the cost of a donation of your choosing.

And after you do, please share the good news with your friends.


Listen to AELIOS

In addition to his drumming and cello work with Aelios, my youngest son Vaughan is also a drummer and vocalist with Saving Apollo.

Where Aelios’ sound is more conceptual and aligned more toward the music of Pink Floyd and Steely Dan, Saving Apollo will favor best with those who find themselves rocking to the beats of 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, and, of course, the original rockmeisters of the pop punk sound, blink-182.

And, while I guarantee when listening to their music you will find happiness – especially the ladies – to truly experience the power and pop rock passion in their music, you have to see them perform live.

Led by frontman Cal Stackhouse on lead vocals and guitar and with Alex Biedermann on bass guitar and vocals, Saving Apollo frikkin’ rocks, my friends.

So please check them out, and, if you like what you hear, show your support by following their social networks and letting them and your friends know how much you like their music.

And by all means, if you ever have the opportunity, go see them perform live.

You will be rocked.


My New Anthem for Life

David Grohl
David Grohl

The Foo Fighter’s new song “Walk” friggin’ rocks and, like most inspirational works of art do, it motivates me into action, particularly because some of the lyrics really speak to how I feel about what I have been dealing with this past year and a half and will continue to have to deal with for the rest of my life.

“Learning to walk again…,” lyrics from the song’s chorus, speaks specifically to what I have gone through while dealing with my neuropathy, the side effect from all of the chemo I got juiced up with before and after my bone marrow transplant. Because of the nerve damage, I literally have been learning to walk again, this time with numb, unresponsive lower legs and feet. Not having complete mobility has definitely given me a new perspective on the basic physical dynamics of living and it has taught me to not take anything for granted.

And as I think about it, “Wasting Light,” the title of album that “Walk” is on, also speaks directly to me. To paraphrase what David Grohl, the lead singer of the Foo Fighters, says at the end of “Back and Forth,” the recently released documentary about the history of the band: Grohl wanted to name the album “Wasting Light” because the older he gets the more he appreciates how short our time on earth is and how important it is to live his life as fully as he can within the limited time he is given.

True, so very true.