Sunday Songs to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance

Notice that the artist’s last name is the same as yours truly. Yes, Willis is my eldest son so I expect and demand that you dance to his music and spread the regenerating and healing vibes forward and forever onward by share, share, sharing his melodious and infective love.

Willis has other such delectable jams at his Soundcloud channel so please go there and repeat as above.

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Guess who’s the lucky guy…

Me is, that’s who!

Because as soon as I hit the “Publish” button, the fam and I are heading right out the door to Ephrata, PA to see the one and only George Winston perform.

In the words of my loving and lovely wife, “I am stoked!”

The wife and I were oh so fortunate to see him perform several years ago in York, PA, and what an incredible performance it was. Winston does things with his instruments — and not just the piano, we’re talking that and a guitar and a harmonica and a couple of others I’m not even sure what they were — that I’ve never seen done before.

I’m talking like playing the piano strings like a guitar, playing the guitar like every square inch of it is to be used to make magical melodic sounds, and playing each song as if he were possessed with every Mad Musical Muse there ever was.


He really is a musical genius.

And the best part is you would never guess it by his appearance and demeanor.

He dresses often in just a flannel shirt and jeans…classic.

And he’s a pretty nice dude to, apparently.

My loving and lovely wife writes for a Japanese travel website and Mr Winston has agreed to a brief interview and photo shoot with her after the performance tonight.

Pretty cool, huh?!

So, you can pretty much expect you’ll be hearing about this performance afterwards.

Dude*, I am so stoked!

But not even nearly as stoked as the wife…

Gonna be fun — I guarantee it!



Click here to check out George Winston’s complete selection


George Winston
You can tell by the looks of that cracked CD case that we (especially the wife) have been long-time fans of Winston’s. I’m talking since way back when in the Eighties…


*non-gender specific



Is it just me…

Or do you also think soundcloud is the best frikkin’ music app out there?

It looks sleek and fresh (if I may use the vernacular…no? I shouldn’t do that? …sigh), loads fast and light, and doesn’t make my computer or phone get all grouchy like youtube, and even pandora sometimes with all its painful adverts, does.

I mostly hang out at the Minimal Techno stream. It’s just the right vibe for all my writing and blogging and all other general creative wizardry, if you know what I mean…

This DJ (or whatever these music mixer dudes* are called), who goes by The Bearded Man (TBM), is my current crush…


*non-gender specific