Seek Not the Enchantment


seek not the horned beast
for it will e’er elude thee
seek instead what’s true—

that of which it means to thee
for that is within thy grasp



A Review of Short Verses & Other Curses by Paul Xylinides of theliteraryreader

I am very proud and honored to have received such a warm review from the great Paul Xylinides of the theliteraryreader (

As you may be aware, Paul’s work is not unfamiliar to this site, as his THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA is reviewed here and is my favorite Indie Author read to date.

I strongly encourage you – it’s for your own good, believe me – to visit with Paul at both his literary review site and at his author site to check out the intellectually intriguing work he does. Make sure you follow his sites so you don’t miss out in the future.

To read my review of THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA, click here.

To read more of Paul’s writing found on this site, enter “paul xylinides” in the search box.


Short Verses



Kurt Brindley’s

Short Verses & Other Curses
(Haiku, Senryū, & Other Poetic, Artistic, & Photographic Miscellany)


Paul Xylinides


A Warrior Poet’s Hard-Won Epiphanies

Self-made and/or naturally insight-endowed, Kurt Brindley has the soul of a poet; further, he has the soul of a warrior poet. He makes passing reference to the martial tradition that has also been a part of his life in the poem “If I Were A Samurai:”

I would know

when to bow
and when to ignore
when to speak
and when to be silent

when to eat
and when to fast
when to think
and when to meditate
when to advance
and when to hold
when to strike
and when to parry
when to kill
and when to die

All writers — the serious and the not-so-much — inevitably find themselves in a battle, as often as not Biblical in proportions, for the human…

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Short Verses & Other Curses – Promotional Giveaway Until 12/26/15

Short Verses & Other Curses

Get your promotional edition here.


I began focusing much of my poetry writing on the Japanese poetic forms of haiku, senryū, and tanka at the beginning of 2012 as a therapeutic effort when finding myself in the midst of an illness. And I continue to write them even as I find myself, at the end of 2015, in the midst of wellness – their therapy for me being more calmative now than curative.

The Short Versesin this collection are all either haiku, senryū, or tanka, with those in the latter half of the section being accompanied by a titled photograph or drawing…

The Other Curses in this collection are poems and sayings following no particular form or convention – in other words, they are quite informal and unconventional. Some in this section are accompanied with a photograph or drawing; many are not.

I discover truth and meaning in the concepts of no mind, living in the now, non-attachment, and the angst of existence as found in the practices and philosophies and Zazen, Stoicism, and Existentialism. Additionally, I admire greatly the concepts taught by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You may notice these conceptual influences laced throughout this collection…

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Hope Debuted

Bruises and Scars

are you who you were
are you your bruises and scars
is that who you are

or are you each day renewed
your past relieved, hope debuted


I, Too, Am The Wood

The Wood I Am

I Am That I Am
Is the name of He on High
That, then, means it All

That, then, means He, too, is I
And that I, too, am the Wood


What There Is To See

Beauty Unseen

search not for beauty
that only the eye can see
search for that within

for the beaut shown to the heart
shines brighter than stars




Beauty in the Bleak

Bleak and Beautiful

lose me the colors
blemish me the sacred land
bleak is my demand

I need not the blossom hue
I need not the morning dew

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The Man Crossing Lombard Street…


Write a 750ish words or less story based upon the photograph and tanka of the man crossing Lombard Street.

The Man Crossing Lombard Street

Who is he, that man,
Crossing Lombard Street alone?
Who is he, that man,

Head down and looking forlorn?
Just who is that lonely man?

This may explain things a bit.
Submissions close at 7pmish.
Selection announced sometime thereafter.
No comments other than submissions for the prompts please. All comments welcome for the selection when published, however.
Please “Like” those you like.

It should be noted that, as stated on the Disclaimer page and the Relating to Humans guidelines, a “Like” by me does not necessarily mean I like or endorse a submitted work. My “Like” is foremost intended as a means of acknowledging a submission; though chances are pretty good I may like it, as well.


The Sailor Said Brandy… [Tanka Tuesday Selection]

sailors love but one
tho’ lonely a love it is
the sea’s seduction
port o’ calls are fleeting spells
hearts are broken with the bells

With but two submissions in response to today’s prompt, and with one, by my count, off by a syllable, seems my work has been completed already for me. And work well done it is…’tis, indeed.

It is my pleasure to present to you our tanka selection by Josh Wrenn…

Brandy good to drink
So smooth on my waiting tongue
Not good for liver
Never lonely with Brandy
Killing me but I can’t stop

Thank you very much to both authors for sharing their very fine poetry with us.


The Sailor Said Brandy… [Tanka Tuesday Prompt]

We know the Japanese poetical form tanka means short song, which is appropriate as it is a form of the broader genre waka, which, itself, is a form of song or verse. So for our first Tanka Tuesday I feel it fitting for the prompt to come from a song. And it is no ordinary song for it is a song of the sea, a song of love found, and a song of love lost.

Using the traditional Westernized syllable count version of the form – 5/7/5/7/7 – write a tanka inspired by one of the songs most loved by the sailor…well, at least this sailor – Looking Glass’s Brandy You’re A Fine Girl.

While your response to the song can be the result of wherever the song takes your heart and mind, the syllable count must be exact.

Submissions close at 7PMish and our selection will be published at 8PMish.

Please “Like” the ones you like, and then go visit the authors’s sites and maybe comment on some of their work there since no comments other than submission responses are allowed here.

This may explain things a bit about the Writing Challenge.

This may explain things a bit about the tanka.