We Should Be Dancing… Not Dying

With all the constant blood and violence in this constantly bloody and violent nation of mine, a la yesterday’s insane mass killing after a gun-toting asshole goes off his nutty handle during a routine traffic stop, I hardly feel like getting my groove on.

But get my groove on I must or else I will become completely consumed by the constant blood and violence and do nothing more than wallow in a constant state of misery and fear…

Sunday’s Song to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance



8 thoughts on “We Should Be Dancing… Not Dying”

  1. I live in Maryland & every single morning when I turned on the news last week, there were reports of shootings & killings from the night before. Every. Single. Morning. I hear you!! Dance it all away, the anger, confusion, & fear. All of it!!

  2. I was shot at once in the dark and thankfully I can still blow a raspberry and say “Yar Boo, yer missed!” I didn’t hang around and was in an Usain Bolt mode all the way back to the car. I hate guns.

  3. this is absolutely true, Sing in the rain, Dance under the stars, Celebrate life while other’s are losing theirs because if they knew what was coming the day they departed they would have done the same.


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