The smart thing to do?

I do not regard myself as smart.

Though, I do regard myself as knowledgeable, a condition I attribute mostly to the fact that I am old and have been around long enough to collect a lot of knowable things…

Plus, I read a lot, which enables me to collect even more knowable things.

Yeah, knowing a lot doesn’t make one smart…

Knowing what to do with the things one knows, now that’s smart.

Smart people know how to leverage knowledge in ways that benefit them, however they may define it.

Probably they define it mostly as success, money, happiness, power, etc.

Or so I suppose.

I also suppose the fact that having a lot of knowledge doesn’t necessarily equate to being smart is also why calling someone a “know it all” is usually not a good thing.


But, unfortunately, there are some nuts in life that are so tough to crack that even truly smart people do not know what to do about them.

Climate change.


The problems between Israel and Palestine.

Yeah, especially that one…

A lot of smart people have been working on that tragic nut of a situation for a long, long time.

Which is why I don’t feel so bad for not having any idea what can be done to solve it.

But I certainly feel bad that it is seemingly impossible to solve.

I empathize greatly for both sides.

As a white male US citizen who does in fact feel guilty for how his English ancestors (there is a town in England called Brindley) and his country subsequent to its independence from England brutally treated North America’s indigenous people, the Native Americans, and the enslaved from Africa, my heart truly aches for the Palestinians and all they’ve lost and the suffering that they had and continue to endure since 1948.

And as a US citizen who, despite how bitter he is with its current state of violence and dysfunction is still relatively proud to be a citizen of the US, remembers as if it were yesterday the pain and fear and immense anger he felt after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and can completely understand why Israel is so determined to completely wipe out Hamas.

How I feel about the death penalty is an insufficient comparison regarding Israel’s response to 7/10 but I’ll make it nonetheless:

I feel the death penalty is wrong…

That violence in response to violence only begets more violence.

However, despite knowing that, if something happened to my family like that which happened to so many Israeli families by the Hamas terrorists…

I feel I would personally want to exact an equally, if not more so, violent and horrifying revenge with my own bare hands.

I’m reminded of the response by George Clooney’s character Governer Mike Morris in “The Ides of March” when asked his opinion of the death penalty…

Which reminds me of the hearbreaking Morrissey lyrics (are there any other kind?) from The Smiths song I Know It’s Over:

It's so easy to laugh
It's so easy to hate
It takes strength to be gentle and kind
Over, over, over, over

It's so easy to laugh
It's so easy to hate
It takes guts to be gentle and kind
Over, over



33 thoughts on “The smart thing to do?”

  1. It is a sad situation for both sides, however even after 9/11 the U.S. tried to avoid retaliating on innocent civilians. As they say, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

        • I’m not sure what you mean by imploring me to stop going through the motion of political reactionary activism, but I am aware of the current state of world affairs and I’ve thought about it; and I’m familiar with the historical plight of the Jews and I’m appalled by it. So now what? What is your recommended solution to Israel/Palestinian dilemma?

          • Hamas – finished. A mass population transfer of dhimmi Arabs from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza follows the unconditional surrender of Hamas to the IDF.

          • I’m all for the elimination of hamas, but the rest sounds like an inhumane, politically infeasible, tough sell. That said, seems the same can be said about the dream of a two-state solution…

          • Kurt, the post WWII Allies made a forced population transfer of some 14 million Germans from Poland and the Czech Republic. 1/7th the size of a population transfer of dhimmi refugee Arabs moved from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

            If israel must enlarge the borders of Gaza and Egypt refuses land for peace in the Sinai, then Israel prepared to deed a part of the Sinai to establish a PA Palestinian Gaza state.

          • Never happen. This is not post-WWII when carpet bombing and the mass death of civilians was acceptable and the British Empire was ended and global borders were in a flux and being redrawn indiscriminately, which is the primary reason we’re in the mess we’re in – Israel/Palestine, Iraq/Iran, India/Pakistan, etc. Not saying your solution is bad, just saying it’s not viable.

          • Exactly what facts have I denied, mosckerr? I don’t disagree with your post-WWII assessment. Just don’t think it’s applicable to the here and now. Like I said, this isn’t 1945 when nearly the entire global population was displaced and rearranging the pieces of the scattered British Empire puzzle was a necessity. This is the extremely integrated and shrunken and Übermensch adverse 21st century. The point of my article remains the same – fixing the Israel/Palestine problem is too hard even for smart people like you. Not sure what you’re trying to do here but whatever it is let’s agree to disagree and move on. Peace (if possible).

          • Historic Event: 300,000 Rally

            Just hours ago, a historic rally took place in Washington D.C., where nearly 300,000 people gathered to support Israel, making a powerful statement for global solidarity. This “Let Our People Go” rally, aimed at demanding the release of Israeli hostages, signifies a monumental collective effort to support Israel during these challenging times.

          • Israel defeated Hamas, the IDF slaughter Dune Coons. Sabras, a prickly cactus that has popped the hot air of Palestinian dhimmi stateless refugee propaganda.

  2. Israel shows alleged Hamas ‘armory’ under children’s hospital in Gaza. Local health officials dismiss the physical evidence.

    Israel shows alleged Hamas ‘armory’ under children’s hospital in Gaza. Local health officials dismiss the claims | Newsdesk International (

    MKs from a wide spectrum of the Knesset call for mass transfer of Palestinians (

    Israel defeated Hamas, the IDF slaughter Dune Coons. Sabras, a prickly cactus that has popped the hot air of Palestinian-State dhimmi stateless refugee propaganda lies.

    Post WWII mass population transfer of Germans from Czech Republic and Poland, to prevent the repetition of the claim that Germany demands the return of stolen “occupied territory” in Czech and Poland. Impose this post October 7th massacre of 1400 Israelis on the last day of the Chag. Make a mass population transfer of PA dhimmi Arab refugee populations in E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

  3. Torah Moshiach – the Baali T’shuva. The classic Times inspired oriented commandment Kre’a Shma. T’shuva of Moshiach – assisting the Alzheimer’s victim to maintain the human dignity of an elder citizen.

    Shrek 2 – i need a hero Jennifer Saunders – YouTube
    Israelis face hard and difficult times. Goyim all around us scream quit! Make a cease fire!! But the t’shuva of Israel, WE shall not quit till WE achieve the total unconditional surrender of Hamas and its allies. Just that simple.

    Shrek 2 (2004) – I Need a Hero Scene (7/10) | Movieclips – YouTube

    • I was hoping you had moved on and forgotten about me. What’s your point here? Do you not think I keep up with current events or what? Why do I deserve such special attention of yours? Or do you make your rounds all throughout the blogosphere and post the same “updates” on any post that discusses the Israel/Hamas war?

  4. Time to make a forced population transfer of Arabs living in E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza. Like the post War Allies removed 14 million Germans from the Czech Republic and Poland after Hitler denounced the “stolen occupied territories”. Time to permanently end the lie: “From the River to the Sea Palestine must be Free” lie.

  5. As General MacArthur dictated the details of the post War Government of Japan, so too Israel must dictate the Constitution/charter of the new Gaza government that shall rule Gaza and the dhimmi Arab populations removed from E. Jerusalem and Samaria to Gaza.

    The UN must leave Gaza. Jerusalem shall establish the Arab government that rules Gaza just as did the United States imposed the Japanese Constitution following the unconditional surrender of Japan to General MacArthur. The model of the post war peace established between the US & Japan shall serve as the model whereby Israel shall establish the government of Gaza.

    Just as the US forced a 14 million population transfer of German populations in the Czech Republic and Poland, Israel shall likewise impose a forced population transfer of Arab refugee populations currently residing in E. Jerusalem and all of Samaria to Gaza. Jerusalem commits to open business and trade with the new Israeli established Gaza Government and significantly invest in rebuilding the economy of defeated Gaza like as did the United States did with Japan.

  6. Israel must up-root the primitive caste/feudal culture which defines the Arab world. Israel rejects as a political fraud – the White-Wash forms of democratic elections – while a 2% elite of Arabs living within Gaza and PA territories, while 98% of the Arab common man exist as a Xtian-like serf banana republic feudal economy dominated by terrorist leaderships.

    Feudal Arab dictatorships, which defines all Arab civilizations, Hezbollah serves as a clear example of this pathetic political insanity, defines the Arab world. Israel must ensure that no Caste system functions in any Arab government administration post the Oct 7th total victory over Gaza.

  7. Dear Mr. Prime Minister arouse the אומץ Spirit of courage within your heart Sir! Oct 7th Abomination and the SA condemns Israel of genocide. The UN “court” sides with the SA, despite UNRA guilt in joining the Oct 7th Abomination! Sir, at the beginning, on Oct 7th you said Israel, in a War! Time for Israel to break off all diplomatic relations with Hamas/PA Arabs, the UN, the Red Cross double-cross, and all supporting friends of our enemies among all nations. Sir, Israel fights a war, and war like all wars hurt. Family members demand the return of our stolen hostages. But this pain our people simply must endure till we achieve the complete and total unconditional surrender of Hamas from Gaza & Samaria. Read over Shabbat in an Israeli newspaper, the demands made by Hamas! Sir this most definitely does not qualify as unconditional surrender.


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