Gotta Have It

In honor of his internment (finally), I present my favorite song of George Michaels' rendered properly by the one-time angriest of the angry white boy wannabe rappers, Limp Bizkit.   #prayforgeorgemichaels #andangrywhiteboys  


The Coathangers

Back in the last millennium during the age of analog and airmail a buddy of mine used to subscribe to CMJ, a music magazine that with each monthly issue would include a "mixtape" CD (ah, CDs, back when life was much simpler and slower) jam packed with singles from new and up and coming bands. … Continue reading The Coathangers

Banjos, cellos, plus groovie dance moves…

What more could one ask for?   I'm happy to have found another talented hillbilly punk band to add to my Hillbilly Punk Bands playlist. These guys are good. Real good. After this video, go listen to some of their other stuff. And guess what ... The Dead South is from direct north up in … Continue reading Banjos, cellos, plus groovie dance moves…