The Coathangers

Back in the last millennium during the age of analog and airmail a buddy of mine used to subscribe to CMJ, a music magazine that with each monthly issue would include a “mixtape” CD (ah, CDs, back when life was much simpler and slower) jam packed with singles from new and up and coming bands.

Him being a buddy, I can neither confirm nor deny [got to phrase in that hush-hush, wink-wink way just in case the Feds are monitoring us] that he may have burned me a copy of that monthly CD of new releases and it may or may not have been one of my true monthly delights… maybe.

CMJ is still in existence online at and, up until last year, they used to release their monthly “mixtape” as a digital download.

It was within one of these mixtapes that I discovered THE COATHANGERS.

And, seeing how it’s International Women’s Day and Women are showing their massive display of power through resistance and protest which got me to figuring that there is hardly anything much more symbolically indicative of resistance and protest than Punk Rock Music which then reminded me of The Coathangers — hmm, I wonder what message they’re trying to get across with their band name — and who it is now my pleasure to introduce (I assume it’s your introduction to them; if not, let me know) to you performing their punk rockin’ song “Watch Your Back.”

Dig it.

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Shades of LOVE from Women’s March in Jakarta

This is an immensely powerful post celebrating determined women of determined personal and collective courage.

Please visit the clubPAW website and show them your support.



Our friends in Jakarta, Indonesia organized a women’s march this Saturday (4 March 2017) morning in front of the Presidential Palace. One of clubPAW authors participated in the march to witness LOVE in what was really the start of something historic in Jakarta. Not just that, now clubPAW has stories from some people we got the chance to talk to.

We at clubPAW believe that the women’s march movement that has shined like sunlight to many major and small cities globally signifies something larger; a hope. A hope that there many who are still persevering in the fight for equality and love. Nay-sayers will always be there and the only way to turn them to our side is by engaging in healthy dialogues and exchanging ideas. There will always be people who look down on our efforts but remember that good will does not expect anything in return. At least…

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Pretty much shell shocked and without ability to articulate personally how I feel about Trump’s latest strongman moves so I’ll share the messages from two facebook memes that pretty much sums up my thinking nicely:

The first shows a protester in Chicago (at least it looks like the Willis/former Sears Tower in the background) holding up what looks to be a hastily made cardboard sign with a message handwritten in ALL CAPS by a thick black Sharpie (when did the transformation from Magic Marker to Sharpie happen anyway?) which reads:


The second shows a still of Sam Elliott’s Cowboy/Narrator character from “The Big Lebowski” sitting at the bowling alley bar with that patented Elliot look that only he can make with a message typed in white ALL CAPS letters that says:



Dusting off the official protest anthem of the disastrous yet from this recent apocalyptic perspective somewhat quaint George “Dubya” Bush years and reactivating it until further notice…



An Obligation Toward Intolerance

Protesting intolerance is not an act of intolerance;
it is an act of courage and an obligation to civility.

So, as I discussed in this post back in March, I posted to my personal facebook page that I was going to try to convince any of my friends who support Trump to not support him through a dialogue of compassion and understanding. Fortunately, I don’t have many friends who support him, so it hasn’t been much of a challenge for me there. However, there have been a few brush ups here, at this site, with drive by Trump supporters who want to try to “debate” their “positions” with me. One of these drive bys happened just yesterday.

The compassion and understanding approach doesn’t work quite as well with those who are not my friends, it seems. So, consequently, the gloves are off.

Here is my view on all of this dangerous Trump nonsense…

Based upon the words that I have heard coming out of his mouth…

I regard Trump as a violent, racist, sexist, xenophobe megalomaniacal opportunistic failure of a bigoted buffoon who will say whatever he has to say to promote and enhance his self and financial interests even and mostly at the expense of those whom he promotes his services to. He must be defeated in his quest to become the president of my country at all costs. If you support him, then by default you support his violent and hateful positions, which, in my view, makes you, at a minimum, an enabler for violence, hate, and intolerance.

I will not stand by silent when confronted with such intolerance. If you show your support here for such violence, hate, and intolerance, I will take all measures necessary to silence you short of censorship. However, I will not rule out censoring things I deem too offensive.

If you do not like what I have to say here at my site, my blog, then I invite you to unfollow me and ne’er return.

But, remember, if you do come here and challenge me, I will bring it.

Fair warning.