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Reporting live from the Papermoon Diner in Baltimore, Maryland



I Welcome You to the New

It is with heavy but happy heart that I say goodbye to my old me – the novels, the poetry, the short stories, the haiku – and say hello to the new me!

A me that only wishes to blog about that which he loves most, not counting his lovely and loving wife and children, of course…

And that which I love most, not counting you know who, is My Dogs & Ramen!!!

Let’s face it, my writing efforts just aren’t cutting it. Have you bought one of my books?!

No, of course you haven’t.

So why deal with that stress and frustration when I can do something here that I truly enjoy…

And that is to embrace the inner Pet Lovin’ Foodie in me and begin posting pictures of my dogs and all the ramen joints that the wife and I love to seek out and enjoy!!!

So, without further ado, let’s get this party of a new blogging format started, shall we…

Since you all know my dogs Aurelius & Zeno, two loving but highly destructive Plott Hound brothers, I shall commence my new photo-blogging journey with a picture of Baltimore’s newest Ramen Joint TenTen Ramen


As I wrote to my friends on my private Facebook page, which probably didn’t include you, TenTen is hands down the best ramen joint my lovely and loving wife and I have had the pleasure of eating at in the States.

Yes, even better than any in New York City.

Mmm, delish...
Mmm, delish…
Look at that! Hungry yet?
Look at that! Hungry yet?
Heaven in a bowl
Heaven in a bowl

In following issues I will discuss the history of ramen (you cannot imagine how exciting and full of intrigue it is) and we will have an in-depth conversation with the man behind TenTen Ramen.

Stay tuned!

And because this blog is also now dedicated to my dogs as well as ramen, I will share a few shots of my boys with you.




I should add here that, even though I will no longer post literary things here, after reading more about the Clean Reader app, I have decided that I am going to endorse their efforts after all, instead of opposing them. The founders are good Christian people with good intentions. So, since I am no longer opposed to censorship in literature, I feel it is best for me to be more prudent with my photography and edit over that which may be offensive.

Well, I hope you are as excited about my blog’s new direction as I am. Wish me well!!!

Have a Pet-Lovin’ Food-filled day!!!™

Caption This! no.1 – Winner

Catch 22 Saloon
Catch 22 Saloon…if the food doesn’t get you, the spirits will.


Congratulations to my buddy mojoshawn for coming in with the winning caption for our very first Caption This! contest of sort.


I would just like to say how happy I am to be able to introduce you to Shawn here. While Shawn and I have never met in person, we have become good friends via our blogging relationship. Please take the time to visit with mojoshawn at his site and I am certain you will find him just as interesting and fun and friendly as do I.

Thanks, Shawn, for your friendship and support.

Caption This! no.1

Catch 22 Saloon
Your caption could be here


I saw this today while cruising Eastern Baltimore.

Many thoughts came to mind when I saw it.

However, I thought it would be fun to see what comes to your mind when seeing it.

Post your caption in the comment section.

Caption with the most “Likes” win.

Picture will be posted tonight with winning caption and a link to the winner’s website.

Have fun!