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Japan’s Business Federation Sent This All-Female Delegation to the Trump White House



Short Verses & Other Curses – Promotional Giveaway Until 12/26/15

Short Verses & Other Curses

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I began focusing much of my poetry writing on the Japanese poetic forms of haiku, senryū, and tanka at the beginning of 2012 as a therapeutic effort when finding myself in the midst of an illness. And I continue to write them even as I find myself, at the end of 2015, in the midst of wellness – their therapy for me being more calmative now than curative.

The Short Versesin this collection are all either haiku, senryū, or tanka, with those in the latter half of the section being accompanied by a titled photograph or drawing…

The Other Curses in this collection are poems and sayings following no particular form or convention – in other words, they are quite informal and unconventional. Some in this section are accompanied with a photograph or drawing; many are not.

I discover truth and meaning in the concepts of no mind, living in the now, non-attachment, and the angst of existence as found in the practices and philosophies and Zazen, Stoicism, and Existentialism. Additionally, I admire greatly the concepts taught by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

You may notice these conceptual influences laced throughout this collection…

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Not Quite At Its Peak

The lovely and loving wife and I made a quick visit to one of my most favorite spots on this ol’ very pretty but very petulant planet of ours to capture a few images of the Cherry Blossoms pre-peak. Peak blossom will be next week so you can be assured we will make a much less quicker visit then to capture the full bloom.

If you, too, would love to see Washington DC’s fabulous Cherry Blossoms, gifts of friendship to the people of the United States from the people of Japan many years ago, but are unable to make the trip, you can see them live via the awesome site earthcam.com. There you can point the lens to different areas, zoom in and out, and even capture a few photos of the beauty and wonderment for yourself.

Can’t wait until next week to see the trees in their peak, and to enjoy the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival in their honor.


I Welcome You to the New kurtbrindley.com

It is with heavy but happy heart that I say goodbye to my old me – the novels, the poetry, the short stories, the haiku – and say hello to the new me!

A me that only wishes to blog about that which he loves most, not counting his lovely and loving wife and children, of course…

And that which I love most, not counting you know who, is My Dogs & Ramen!!!

Let’s face it, my writing efforts just aren’t cutting it. Have you bought one of my books?!

No, of course you haven’t.

So why deal with that stress and frustration when I can do something here that I truly enjoy…

And that is to embrace the inner Pet Lovin’ Foodie in me and begin posting pictures of my dogs and all the ramen joints that the wife and I love to seek out and enjoy!!!

So, without further ado, let’s get this party of a new blogging format started, shall we…

Since you all know my dogs Aurelius & Zeno, two loving but highly destructive Plott Hound brothers, I shall commence my new photo-blogging journey with a picture of Baltimore’s newest Ramen Joint TenTen Ramen


As I wrote to my friends on my private Facebook page, which probably didn’t include you, TenTen is hands down the best ramen joint my lovely and loving wife and I have had the pleasure of eating at in the States.

Yes, even better than any in New York City.

Mmm, delish...
Mmm, delish…
Look at that! Hungry yet?
Look at that! Hungry yet?
Heaven in a bowl
Heaven in a bowl

In following issues I will discuss the history of ramen (you cannot imagine how exciting and full of intrigue it is) and we will have an in-depth conversation with the man behind TenTen Ramen.

Stay tuned!

And because this blog is also now dedicated to my dogs as well as ramen, I will share a few shots of my boys with you.




I should add here that, even though I will no longer post literary things here, after reading more about the Clean Reader app, I have decided that I am going to endorse their efforts after all, instead of opposing them. The founders are good Christian people with good intentions. So, since I am no longer opposed to censorship in literature, I feel it is best for me to be more prudent with my photography and edit over that which may be offensive.

Well, I hope you are as excited about my blog’s new direction as I am. Wish me well!!!

Have a Pet-Lovin’ Food-filled day!!!™

A Story For the Misaligned, Sailor Or Otherwise

[UPDATE: The title of this novel has been changed to INSIDE THE SKIN]

The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor
A story for us all

From the Dedication Page:

This book is dedicated to anyone — regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender and all its breathless facets, sexual orientation, non-sexual orientation, sexual non-orientation, spirituality or lack thereof, religion or lack thereof, nationality or lack thereof, political affiliation or lack thereof, occupation or lack thereof, education or lack thereof, good looks or lack thereof, height, weight, shoe size, or any other ways we have identified and implemented as means to compare and contrast and separate and segregate and relegate and rank ourselves as humans — who has ever once regretted his or her or their identity.

This book, then, is for us, all of us.

You can learn more here.


As the Flowers Burn Below

Time to dance
to songs symbolic of the age—
of the world


Beating pulsing writhing
we cast our blurred yet fixed gaze
on the burning flowers far below

High upon the roof of hell
as the flowers burn below
we dance and sway
with the blazed wind
down down
far below


In this world
we walk on the roof of hell
gazing at flowers

Kobayashi Issa

Newsletter Love (002-15) announces a contest of sort … a haiku contest. Must be a subscriber to enter and win. Read all the details here.



Poetic reflections on generational boundaries and the separation – the ridge – between the them as we knew them and the them as they were by the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest in America

googlely translated

Light of the Ridge Line

The field of sunrise just frost

Reflected my illusion of five-year-old chase the back of the grandfather

Grasp the straw hat

Toward the back of the grandfather out to mushroom picking

Grandmother would had over the heck what voice

As spoiled brat that can not ask if you started to say

Without even reply

My grandfather was aimed at intently mountain

The undergrowth of beech forest

The back of the grandfather stomp to make a sound

I chase earnestly

From interval of oak branches and leaves that smell of damp moss to stagnation

Also enters the afternoon sun that was leaning

Grandfather was performed progressing toward the front

On without looking back

West of the sky and spread large visible slightly

Holding up my left hand

Soft Komorebi is wrapped’s

As light to illuminate the evening of the ridgeline


And playing with larvae of the beetle

And listened to the chirping of birds flying

I picked the wildflowers

Until the grandfather of backpack basket is full


I blow the sound of Sasafue is

And might not reach the grandfather of ear


Also grandfather of microcosm

HappyNest in America









































*   *   *

にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

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And all this time I thought Jack Kerouac only had an affinity for the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest in America, sleeping, and food.

Come to find out, he also has an affinity for the camera.

Or, to him, is it merely a pillow…

HappyNest in America

photo (6)


 *   *   *

にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

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Paul Xylinides, Author of THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA

Covered in Fish Oil and Honey while Sitting in a Public Toilet
by Paul Xylinides


Paul Xylinides
Paul Xylinides
At one time, I might have listened to my puritanical side and questioned this title for a post and perhaps especially a post that I had been invited to contribute as unnecessarily sensationalistic in the same manner that I once dismissed the real life event of performance art to which it refers. In fact when I began to write the novel whose working title The Sumo and his Bird finally became The Wild Horses of Hiroshima one of my intentions was to undertake a full-scale critical denunciation of events similar to what is described and commonly tagged by the rubric of “performance art”. I intended at the same time to include in the sweep of my scathing criticism much of the “installation art” that I had long dismissed as either insulting or derivative. These attitudes of mine reach far back to the original instigator of this type of art presentation – the one who contributed to the world’s cultural understanding with the galley exhibit of a men’s urinal. The following is the Tate Gallery’s description of the object and something of Marcel Duchamp’s idea of its artistic utility:
Continue reading “Paul Xylinides, Author of THE WILD HORSES OF HIROSHIMA”


The Christmas Tree presented as it should be.

For a full spread of Smalltown, USA, Christmas Lights & Decorations as photo-documented by the lovely and loving Megi of HappyNest In America, visit here.

HappyNest in America









*   *   *

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I know, I know…more George Winston. But this is a pretty wonderful photograph of him, no? Courtesy of the lovely and loving, and talented, Megi at HappyNest In America, of course.

And how about that cool watermark? Courtesy of…well, yeah.

HappyNest in America


GeorgeWinstonWith Logo









心の赴くままに - 




ジョージ・ウィンストン・オフィシャル・ページ(George Winston Official Page)
  5301 Tuckerman Lane
  North Bethesda, MD 20852-3385
  10701 Rockville Pike
  North Bethesda, MD 20852-3224
電話番号(Ticket Office Phone): 301-581-5100

 🎶  ♪

セラーズビル・シアター(Sellersville Theater)
所在地:24 West Temple Avenue
Sellersville, PA
チケット: $39 – $55

*   *   *

にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

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The lovely and loving Megi at HappyNest In America has provided us an in-depth look into the life and performances of George Winston. What a human. What a career. He will be performing in Bethesda, MD, on November 30. If you’re going, let me know. We just might be there, too. :)

Also, here is Megi’s latest article for the Japanese travel website: 愛と祈り、そしてジョージ・ウィンストンの音楽♪インタビューさせていただきました!ジョージ・ウィンストンのウィンター★コンサート 2

I’ve discovered there is a language translator tool at the top right of the page for all us Japanese-challenged folks.


HappyNest in America

 明日は、サンクスギビングですね!今年も色々な出来事がありましたが、ジョージ・ウィンストン氏のコンサート(詳しい情報を「地球の歩き方/ワシントンDC特派員ブログ」記事”Love, Prayer and George Winston’s Music”でお届けしています。)へ出かけたことも、最高の思い出になりました。


ジョージ・ウィンストンのオフィシャル・サイト(George Winston Official Site)



5301 Tuckerman Lane North Bethesda, MD 20852-3385
・電話番号(Ticket Office Phone): 301-581-5100


セラーズビル・シアター(Sellersville Theater)
・会場:24 West Temple Avenue Sellersville, PA
・チケット: $39 – $55

ジョージ・ウィンストンのアルバム「DECEMBER(12月)」のソロ・ピアニストより『サンクス・ギビング』(Thanksgiving – Solo Pianist George Winston from his album DECEMBER )

George Winston Biography(バイオグラフィー) ( from the Winter Concert Program )

George Winston grew up mainly in Montana, and also spent his later formative years in Mississippi and Florida. During this time, his favorite music was instrumental rock and instrumental R&B., including Floyd Cramer, the Ventures, Booker T & The MG’s, Jimmy Smith, and many more. Inspired by R&B, jazz, Blues and rock (especially the Doors), George began playing organ in 1967. In 1971 he switched to the acoustic piano after hearing recordings from the 1920s and…

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The lovely and loving Megi at HappyNest In America has a posted a brief recap of her night with George Winston. However, at the travel website she writes for, she has just published the first part of a much more in-depth series of articles on the musician. While her articles are written in Japanese, all her lovely photographs can be understood in any language one may speak.

You can visit her travel website here.

HappyNest in America





photo (9)



愛と祈り、そしてジョージ・ウィンストンの音楽。。。インタビューさせていただきました!ジョージ・ウィンストンのウィンター★コンサート ~ 2.


ジョージ・ウィンストンのオフィシャル・サイト(George Winston Official Site)



5301 Tuckerman Lane North Bethesda, MD 20852-3385
・電話番号(Ticket Office Phone): 301-581-5100


セラーズビル・シアター(Sellersville Theater)
・会場:24 West Temple Avenue Sellersville, PA
・チケット: $39 – $55

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にほんブログ村 アメリカ情報でも、更新記事をお届けしています。

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You know, sometimes it’s okay to meet your hero…


George Winston in pencil with graphic design


Most of what little refinement I have can be attributed to my lovely and loving wife.

I would say all of it could be attributed to her, but I do have a pretty good three-object juggling technique that I’ve worked hard on over the years to perfect.

Metaphorically speaking, the wife can juggle just about anything thrown her way; non-metaphorically speaking, however, she’s not a juggler by any stretch of the imagination.

But other than my juggling skills, just about anything else refined about me — especially anything artistic or intellectual — more than likely has its foundation somewhere within in my wife’s lovely and loving intellectual and artistic brain.

For instance, my love and appreciation of George Winston’s music is wholly responsible to my wife.

My wife and I met waay back in the Eighties. And waay back in the Eighties when we first met, my brain was only used to hearing such base, animalistic music as Led Zeppelin and The Smiths and Tom Waits and, unfortunately, all that New Wave pain with its fake drum machines and stoopid hairdos that was inflicting itself upon humanity at that time.

But after I met my wife and we started dating, she immediately introduced me to something strange and different. Something called Classical Music.

She introduced me to all the masters, of course…Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and, my favorite, Vivaldi, among others…

And she also introduced me to some contemporary Classical Cat named George Winston.

Yeah, that cat was not just classically Big in Japan (like that slick Tom Waits reference?), he was huge in Japan. Immense.

And I listened to Autumn and the rest, as they love to say, is musical history.

And I have been a huge, immense, fan of his ever since.

George Winston and me
Guess who’s the lucky guy

I remember when mp3 players first came out. This was at the turn of the century; several years before the iPod.

I bought one for my daughter and my eldest son.

But since these mp3 players were new and all the copying of the CDs and uploading of the files was so tedious and technical at the time (Apple hadn’t yet come along to tell us that these new players were going to be important and all the copying and uploading would become second nature to us), the kids didn’t get much value from them.

So I assumed control, first over my son’s (my daughter was older so her giving up on her mp3 player would come several weeks after my son’s giving up). And I loaded all our George Winston CDs onto it. And then I pressed “Play” and it never stopped playing his music for the next, oh I don’t know, three months or so.


We just kept George Winston’s music on. Day and night.

It was magical.

And after the son’s player died from exhaustion, I loaded up the daughter’s and George’s music continued to play, day and night, until it, too, eventually bought the technological farm, so to speak, from overuse.

My sister and her family came to stay with us for a few months during this period of George Winston as the soundtrack of our daily living. She mentioned not too long ago that one of the things she remembers most from that time was the beauty of George’s music constantly playing. Day and night.

Grand memories they are when they come with a soundtrack.

A few years ago, George came through York, PA, and played its Strand Capital Performing Arts Center. The wife and I went to see him perform for the first time as part of a wedding anniversary treat.

And what a treat it was. But we didn’t stick around after the performance to try to meet him. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone of his stature (An example of his stature is illustrated by the fact that he has close to 2 million followers on Soundcloud. Soundcloud! My guess is many of you haven’t even heard of Soundcloud, yet he still has such a following there.) would bother coming out afterwards to meet his fans.

Boy* was I wrong…

My wife, as artistically and intellectually talented as she is, writes and photographs for a Japanese travel website. And when she discovered that George Winston was once again making his way through our neck of the woods, she boldly (she is completely fearless) sent out interview requests to him.

And he responded positively and kindly said to make all interview arrangements with a member of his team.

Which she did.

And just like that my wife and, by extension, I were going to be able to meet this long-time musical hero of ours.

The show was magical, of course. Sublime…

As we were waiting for it to begin, I couldn’t help but overhear all the conversations going on around me. It was interesting, and rather amazing, that they all were basically saying the same thing: How they have been long-time fans of George’s and how important his music has been to their lives.


How wonderful life is that there are such people who can make it so wonderful…

George is one of those wonderful people.

And he would be such a person just by his musical contributions alone.

But, I’ve come to find out, that he is such a wonderful person even had he not been the genius of a musician that he is.

After the show, the wife and I, somewhat nervously, went down to the stage to wait for this wonderful musician.

And so did a gaggle of other dedicated fans.

As I waited for him to come out, I wondered how we all, this gaggle of fanboys and girls, would be received.

To be honest, I was a little worried.

This man and his music have been such a solid, foundational element of my life for so long — over thirty years — and that of the life of the woman I love the most, that I was worried that we were going to be disappointed in him as a person.

How many times have I heard that old saw of a saying, Never meet your heroes.

Forget how many times I’ve heard it, lord only knows how many times I, personally, have said it.

I, the skeptic’s skeptic, can be very skeptical of the human species, to say the least.

I’ve always had a short list, a very short list of heroes.

Mostly I believe heroes are for kids.

Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny…

Make believe.

I didn’t really believe that George Winston could live up to all that my wife and I had built him up to be.

And I was worried that my most lovely and loving wife would be let down, hurt even, because of it.

But then George came walking out as if he hadn’t just played his heart out for the last two hours.

As if he hadn’t been performing for the last thirty years or so.

As if he were really looking forward to meeting with those who were so anxiously waiting to meet him.

George came out with a bounce in his step and the most welcoming of smiles.

And he headed head first into the waiting gaggle and he shook hands and he hugged and he signed autographs and he took pictures as if he truly enjoyed doing it.

And he did enjoy it.

It was so easy to tell…

By the twinkle in his eye and the ever-present smile on his face, it was so completely obvious that he did really enjoy meeting with us who were so looking forward to meeting with him.

And finally, after all the hand-shaking and all the hugging and all the autographing and all the picture taking, the gaggle went on its merry and mesmerized way…

And then he turned to my wife.

And I thought, okay, how is he going to respond to someone who has come not just to worship, which we of course did, but to also question him and photograph him for a purpose beyond just pure fandom.

Ha ha ha…

He didn’t even think twice about it.

His eye lost not a glimmer of its twinkle, nor did his smile lessen the least bit in its broadness.

He, much to my wife’s amazement and joy (and of course mine..but especially the wife’s), treated her to, quite literally, the time of her life.

George Winston and the wife

I could go on and on in very vivid detail how impressive George Winston is. I could because I saw it first-hand, up close and personal for very near an hour. I watched in awe as he reminisced and laughed and joked – oh lordy is he a funny guy – and impressed us with his knowledge of Japan (he has been to the country twenty-six times and has visited over sixty cities) and its language and his humorous outlook on some of the funny quirks and peculiarities of the Japanese way of life; and I watched especially awed as he performed in his own unique and beautiful way traditional Japanese songs just for my wife…

While she sang to him!


I could go on and on…it was just that special.

It was just that magical.

But I guess it would be better for me to just stop here so I can begin reflecting upon that most magical of evenings.

Yes, I truly am the lucky guy, for I now have the memory of a lifetime, a magical memory, one starring a true hero, and one with the most beautiful of soundtrack from which I will be able to draw upon and play over and over again in my theater of a mind for the rest of my long and lucky life.

George Winston Autograph


*non-gender specific



A selection and sample of George Winston’s work

The Official George Winston Site

Follow George Winston on Facebook

Follow George Winston on Soundcloud