“The Way” of Technology

Well, my bold Westworld binge-watching bonanza proclamation turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of ballyhooed BS…

I only got through the fourth episode before running out of time.

Consequently, I can’t provide anything much in the way of a review. But I can provide a bit of feedback that might mean something about its watchability

Which is… I kept falling asleep while watching it.

Now, full disclosure, I’ve taken some of my best naps during what turned out to be some of my favorite shows so my inability to stay awake while watching Westworld in and of itself doesn’t mean that much.

As for what I was able to stay awake for… I really like what it is trying to do in concept; however, its execution…

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ENTERTAINING THE WHAT-IFS | A Guest Post by Author Pamela Schloesser Canepa


Made for Me, a Sci-fi romance novella by Pamela Schloesser Canepa, takes the awkward first date story to the extreme! What happens when an indecisive girl uses a 100% guaranteed website to find the man of her dreams? How can they truly guarantee happiness for Abrielle, who can’t even decide what she wants for dinner? Meet Sampson, open-minded, spontaneous, and financially stable. All of the elements seem to come together for a perfect match. Yet, it becomes apparent there’s been a website glitch! Sampson is even more unique than Abrielle could ever guess. For this to work, Abrielle must accept the truth behind Sampson’s perfect skin, buff physique, and welcoming smile.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pamela Schloesser Canepa lives in the Southeast with her small family and her dog. She has been writing since childhood, and has just started publishing recently. She considers herself an avid sci-fi movie fan and loves authors such as Stephen King, James Patterson, Phillip K. Dick, Suzanne Collins, and Laurie Notaro, among others. Pamela’s genres include science fiction, realistic fiction, and poetry of all types. Made for Me is Pamela’s first published work of fiction. A sequel is in the works, and Pamela is working on editing a full length time travel novel for publication in e-book and print, hopefully in the next year!

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Hercules Gone Mad – Part Two: Book Cover WIP

So, this book cover will probably change as I work through Part Two, but I just wanted to give you an idea where things are heading. I’ll begin posting new chapters to Part Two – still haven’t settled on a title for it yet – as I write them to my Wattpad account.

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

[And as I now see the cover in various poses, it’s obvious that the lettering will need some work as it’s hard to read in miniature. Anyway…it’s a start.]


So what do you think of this new description for Hercules Gone Mad that I’ve been working on?

So, about this new HGM description…it’s been long overdue. The last one (first one) was rather bare-boned and relied more on its association with the Heroes of Dystopia intro than on any deeper meaningful description of the book.

So, I decided to put some meat on its bones, so to speak. Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comment section please.




The man they call Hercules, a handle bestowed upon him while an elite warrior in the former military of the former leading World Power, struggles to maintain his sanity in a world no longer known to him, a world no longer known to anyone who has managed to survive the brutal collapse of its established order, or who is so unfortunate as to be immune to the bloody disease that has decimated the global population, or who has been captured, caged, and commoditized within a system formerly known as slavery but now is known as the market of human capital.

However, it is not the insanity that has befallen the ruined world that is tormenting and degrading the former warrior’s mind – what is eating at his sanity is the suffering from the disgrace that has befallen him. For it is his belief that he has committed the most heinous act a military man of honor and integrity could possibly commit. And it is this belief that is driving him completely mad.

As he struggles to survive the madness, Hercules must maneuver through all the evil raging around him, evil stoked by the continuing battle between the neo-collectivist revolutionaries committed to global utopia and the outlawed capitalist rebels committed to restoring a new version of the old order. As the war between the two political foes rage on, the De Borja Cartel, led by a zealot drug lord known as The Pope, seeks to leverage the chaos and extend its own corrupt domain northward.

All the while, Santa Muerte, threatened by one powerful man’s proximity to the technological attainment of a god-like immortality, mobilizes to purge the earth of its remaining living souls once and for all so that she, at last, may attain her divine ascension.

And yet nothing is as it seems…




Hercules Gone Mad Book Cover
When the World Order collapses…

When the Revolution of Neo-Collectivism prevails…

When the Angel of Death strikes out for its final, global purging…

What is a disgraced Special Forces Warrior to do?


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Hello, friends. I am releasing HERCULES GONE MAD and each subsequent book of the HEROES OF DYSTOPIA saga in serialized format, as books were once released in the classic tradition of science fiction writing of days past. I am doing this so that, hopefully, I can get new editions out to you quickly, get your feedback, and incorporate that feedback just as quickly into subsequent editions. Consequently, your feedback and support will be critical to this serialized process. The stories will first be available as ebooks, and then, once all parts of each book have been released, as a completed print edition book.

Each serialized edition of this and subsequent books will be initially released exclusively from Amazon for its Kindle reader. Depending on their success, they will then be released in all other major ebook formats (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, IBook, etc.), in addition to a print edition. If you do not have an ebook reader, you can download the free Kindle app from Amazon and read the book online, on your phone, or whatever your preferred reader may be.

If you would like to contact me to discuss my writing, such as providing me feedback on how I can improve the HEROES OF DYSTOPIA saga, or anything else germane to our mutual interests, you can drop me a line by visiting kurtbrindley.com/contact/ and filling out the form, by leaving a comment on the HEROES OF DYSTOPIA page, or by emailing me directly at me@kurtbrindley.com.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my work. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, stay tuned for Part Two of HERCULES GONE MAD. It’s coming soon!

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