Peak Elon

Ever since gazillionaire Elon Musk got high with Joe Rogan on Rogan’s podcast…

He has steadily gotten weirder and weirder.

This is even above and beyond his self-confessed, and self-admiring, weird megalomaniacal Napolean Bonaparte complex.

But I’m not here to bash on Elon today*.

Because I recently logged into his Starlink network.

And let me tell you…

After twenty plus years living out in the country where the only access to the internet I have is through my phone’s hotspot…

My life has been revolutionized.

No hyperbole when I say that.

For instance, my son gifted me a video game that, to play it, I had to download it onto my computer via the Steam app.

It was an 80+gig file.

It took only a little over 3 hours to download it.

Steam clocked its peak download speak in at 197.6 Mbps.

A file that large literally, again, no hyperbole here, it literally would have taken me over 3 days to download.

Which explains why I am not much of a gamer.

I probably wouldn’t be even if I had decent internet these past couple decades…

But at least now I have the capacity to be so if I choose.

So despite all his many tech bro flaws, I thank him…

And I look forward to the other weird tech bro gazillionare Jeff Bezos entering into the satellite internet race.

Rumor has it, our Amazon Overlord is planning on a network with close to 500 Mbps download speeds.


Bring it! 🚀📡🛰️

*Yes, I’m aware of the unfortunate controversy surrounding him and Ukraine regarding Starlink access as reported in the new biography (ad) about him by Walter Isaacson.

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