Is Writing Hard for Everyone or Just Me?


Hey! What’s up?! Long time no speak. Everyone surviving these bizarre times okay?

I must admit that I have grown accustomed to not blogging or socializing on the internet these past several months. Not that I haven’t missed you, it’s just nice to be engaged so heavily in the really real as opposed to the virtually real.

Well, I guess not all my time has been spent in the real real. Much of it has been spent in the imagined real as I’ve been chugging along on a new book.

Yes, I think I’ve finally found a novel-length story with lasting appeal, at least to me, that I may be able to bring to an end instead of just starting and sputtering out like so many others.

Which is why I’ve come to you today…

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Hercules Gone Mad – Part Two: Book Cover WIP

So, this book cover will probably change as I work through Part Two, but I just wanted to give you an idea where things are heading. I’ll begin posting new chapters to Part Two – still haven’t settled on a title for it yet – as I write them to my Wattpad account.

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

Hercules Gone Mad - Part Two

[And as I now see the cover in various poses, it’s obvious that the lettering will need some work as it’s hard to read in miniature. Anyway…it’s a start.]


Enchant Me


Leave the world to me
Let me find the ways
To my truths of the moments
Until the end of my days

Leave me the purpose as well
And all meaning and mights
And all heartbreak and lost sakes
And all reason and rights

It’s from you I seek wonder
And the thrill of the haunt
From you it’s the magic
And mystery I want

For you are the forest
With your enchantments and dreams
And your hootings and howlings
And occasional screams

It’s your sanctum of silence
It’s your roots of unreal
It’s your dank of the night
It’s your murk of appeal